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Welcome to Kerr Properties, Inc.

Your Housing Solution Company for Clackamas & Surrounding Areas.

Kerr Properties, Inc. specializes in the management of houses and small plexes in the Clackamas area. We understand that proper maintenance and effective cost management are the key ingredients of a good, sound Clackamas investment property.

Because our business model focuses solely on the management of our rental properties, we’re able to concentrate our efforts to maintain a constant presence in local markets, creating value in all phases of the owner's management cycle. We have the same financial sophistication, institutional quality reporting and leading edge property management technology as many of the nation's largest property management companies, but our smaller size and local market expertise means that we can provide better service and be more responsive to both our residents and our clients.

Our dedication to redefining excellence in renting means we’re constantly exploring innovative ideas and pioneering new ways to serve our residents and clients.

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Life In Clackamas

Clackamas, Oregon Clackamas, Oregon, is a suburban community located in the Greater Portland area, offering residents and visitors a unique blend of suburban living, scenic beauty, and outdoor recreation. With its proximity to both the urban amenities of Portland and the natural wonders of Oregon, Clackamas serves as a crossroads for diverse lifestyles and activities.

  • Geography and Climate - Situated in Clackamas County, the area is characterized by its rolling hills, abundant greenery, and proximity to the Clackamas River, which is a significant tributary to the Willamette River. The climate is typically Pacific Northwest, with wet, mild winters and warm, dry summers. This climate supports a lush landscape and is ideal for the many outdoor activities available in the region.
  • Economy and Employment - The economy in Clackamas is robust and diverse, benefiting from its closeness to Portland's economic engine. It is home to several industrial and corporate parks that provide a wide range of job opportunities. Key industries include health care, manufacturing, retail, and services. The area also enjoys the economic impacts of tourism, especially related to outdoor recreation and shopping.
  • Housing and Real Estate - Clackamas has a dynamic housing market that reflects a mix of suburban development and rural charm. The area offers a variety of real estate options, from single-family homes in residential neighborhoods to apartments and condos closer to commercial centers. The real estate market here attracts a broad demographic, from young professionals and families to retirees, all looking for a balance between city access and the tranquility of suburban life.
  • Recreation and Lifestyle - Clackamas is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. The Clackamas River offers fishing, rafting, and kayaking opportunities, while Mount Talbert Nature Park provides trails for hiking and nature watching. Numerous parks, golf courses, and green spaces cater to a variety of recreational pursuits.
  • Community Spirit - Clackamas is known for its strong community spirit and civic engagement. With numerous community groups, non-profit organizations, and events, there is a sense of belonging and involvement among residents. This community focus contributes to the area's desirability as a place to live and work.

Clackamas offers the appeal of suburban living with the added advantage of natural beauty and outdoor activities. Its strong economy, varied housing options, commitment to education, and excellent transportation infrastructure make it a compelling location for individuals and families looking for a balanced and vibrant lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest.