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The Best Neighborhoods in Portland To Invest in Real Estate

The Best Neighborhoods in Portland To Invest in Real Estate

Portland homes stayed on the market for an average of just 22 days in 2022. That was the finding of a Redfin report published in September of the same year.

The same report showed a median sale price of $522,000, and that figure keeps climbing. Now is the prime time to invest in real estate in Portland.

But where do you start? If you're from elsewhere, you may wonder about the best areas in Portland. Even if you are from the city, being a resident and an investor presents fresh challenges.

We have a guide with all you need to know. Read on and let's take a stroll through the best Portland neighborhoods.

Invest in Real Estate in Southeast Portland

Southeast Portland buzzes with culture and entertainment. It is one of the most lively parts of the city. Streets here are packed with diverse restaurants, microbreweries, wine bars, and bistros.

There is nature on your doorstep too. Tenants can head to Powell Butte Nature Park for a stroll among the bird chirps and rustling tree leaves.

If you want to attract young professional tenants, investing in property here is a wise move. 

Goose Hollow Is a Compact Haven for Sports Fans

Goose Hollow is another prime area for young working tenants. Its name derives from the geese farmers who lived in the area in times gone by. Today, this area combines downtown convenience with walkability.

There are plenty of modern houses and apartments in Goose Hollow. You can find multifamily homes too. Investing in real estate here gives you a great all-around opportunity.

Football fans can watch Portland Thorns and Portland Timbers play at Providence Park. And, like most of Portland, there are a huge number of quirky restaurants and brew bars too!

Nob Hill Is a Shopper's Paradise

Nob Hill is the perfect place to strut your stuff after a shopping spree. The area has a European vibe, but it is the up-market shopping that draws in the crowds. 

Pedestrians and cyclists rule the roads here. Portland's laws and lanes protect them from traffic. Public transport is here efficient too!

Forest Park offers 70 miles of hiking trails. Portland's Japanese Garden gives you a quiet lunch-hour retreat. Speaking of lunch, Nob Hill has a huge number of boutique eateries to explore.

Sellwood-Moreland for Peace and Quiet

Sellwood-Moreland is ideal for families looking to escape the busy city streets. There are top-class schools close by, and the residential infrastructure has all the amenities you need.

There are plenty of places to eat out, from Asian cuisine to fresh Portland bagels. Chill out with green tea or have a drink in one of the local bars.

Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge offers a fun family day out. There's an amusement park too, and don't forget the cinema. It's easy to keep the kids happy in Sellwood-Moreland.

Ready to Invest in Real Estate in Portland?

When you invest in real estate in Portland, you enter a thriving market. There are countless Portland neighborhoods to cater to all types of tenants. Your perfect Portland property is waiting for you.

Our team at Kerr Properties can help you find it.

We specialize in property investment and management. Our clients have trusted us since 1981, and their testimonials tell you all you need to know.

Contact our expert team today!