Screening Criteria - You Must Read Before Applying

Our Application Screening Process

Thank you for considering one of our properties for your future residence. Kerr Properties, Inc. is an Equal Housing Opportunity provider and seeks to process all applications in a fair and consistent manner.

SIGHT UNSEEN: If this box is checked, then Applicant(s) (a) have not viewed the property for which they’re applying, prior to submitting their application, and (b) understand that the property will not be viewed until the day of move in.

RESERVATION DEPOSITS: Owner /Agent will require Applicant(s) to provide all pet information and renters insurance and to sign Agreement to Execute Rental Agreement, and pay an execution deposit, if Applicant will not sign and enter into a rental agreement within 72 hours following Owner’s/Agent’s notice to applicant(s) that the applications have been approved. In the event that the “SIGHT UNSEEN” box is checked above, then any reservation deposit will not be refunded, if Applicant fails to execute a Rental Agreement and take possession of the property, except otherwise stated. If the Agreement to Execute Rental Agreement states the move in date is on the 14th of the month or prior a pro-rated amount will be due at move in. If the Agreement to Execute Rental Agreement move in date states the move in is on the 15th of the month or after the pro-rated and next month rent is due at the time of move in.

SCREENING CHARGE: Owner/Agent is charging an application Screening Charge of $55 per applicant. This charge is non-refundable, unless the Owner/Agent does not screen the Applicant.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Select your desired property, complete the application and pay your non-refundable application screening charge. Your application will take approximately 3 business days to process, but may take longer if the application is incomplete, the provided information is difficult to verify, or there are unanticipated delays. During the screening process, we may use a tenant screening company, credit reports, public records or criminal records, and we may contact employers, landlords or other references. We may verify your income and your references provided in your application.

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: To initiate the application process, we will first require two forms of identification: picture identification plus another form of identification. Acceptable forms of picture identification may include: valid state-issued drivers’ license, identification card, a valid passport or a Tribal ID. Acceptable forms of positive identification, other than picture ID, include a valid social security card, visa or legal alien documentation. The information set forth in such identification will be inserted in the application and will be used to complete the screening process. Anyone over the age of 18 that will be residing in the dwelling will need to fill out an application and be approved by Kerr Properties, Inc. Unless contrary to applicable law, Applicants must be one of the following: (a) at least 18 years of age, (b) married, (c) emancipated, or (d) (in Oregon) a minor possessing the right to contract for necessities, as set forth in ORS 109.697.

WE REQUIRE COMPLETE, ACCURATE AND TRUTHFUL INFORMATION: Each Applicant must submit an application. Incomplete, inaccurate or falsified information will be grounds for denying your application. If we later discover that you submitted substantially false information regarding a criminal conviction, after you become our tenant, we may terminate your tenancy. OCCUPANCY POLICY: Occupancy is based on the number of bedrooms in the premises. 2 persons are allowed per bedroom, plus 1 additional occupant. In a designated studio apartment, 2 persons are allowed. Exceptions may be made to this policy, if the law so requires.

SCREENING CRITERIA: In addition to any other criteria contained herein, the following criteria apply. If you do not meet all of the criteria contained herein, we may deny your application, require a local co-signer (i.e., a guarantor who resides within Multnomah, Clackamas, or Washington County, Oregon) and/or require an increased security deposit.

Income Requirements

General Requirements

An application may also be denied, for one or more of the following reasons:


Application evaluations are treated in a consistent, objective manner and are based on real and statistical data, including, without limitation, items set forth in the foregoing list. The following comments elaborate upon the potential screening results.


The Pet Screening application fee is $20 for the first pet and $15 for all additional pets. If you have an animal (including assistance animals) please feel free to visit the link below

Animal Screening

The following breeds are prohibited due to insurance limitations on liability: Pit bulls and Staffordshire Terriers, Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Chows, Great Danes, Presa Canarios, Akitas, Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, Wolf-hybrids or any mixed breed containing any portion or characteristic of those breeds.

Some properties may be subject to the restrictions of a homeowner association. For more details please contact our office and a property manager will happily assist you.

Assistance Animals

If you have an assistance animal, you will need to go to the animal screening website to have your assistance animals verified. Contact the leasing team for details with any other questions regarding assistance animals.


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