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Which Up And Coming Neighborhoods In Portland, OR Should You Be Investing In Now?

Which Up And Coming Neighborhoods In Portland, OR Should You Be Investing In Now?

Are you scouting the next big opportunity in real estate investing? Portland, OR, with its unique blend of bustling urban development and serene, community-oriented neighborhoods, presents an intriguing canvas for investors.

While some markets have cooled, Portland's emerging neighborhoods are just heating up, offering prime opportunities for those ready to invest. This guide to the most promising areas for real estate investment is your blueprint for building substantial equity and securing a prosperous future. Keep reading to discover where your next investment should be.


Montavilla is undergoing an exciting transformation, marked by urban renewal that's drawing attention far and wide. Recently, the area has seen a significant uptick in local business investments, enhancing its overall community appeal.

For anyone looking into real estate investment, Montavilla offers a vibrant mix of cultural hotspots and revamped public spaces. This makes it an increasingly attractive option for potential investors and residents alike.


Foster-Powell is another neighborhood on the rise, making it a hot spot for rental property investments. Known affectionately as Fo-Po, this triangular area is bounded by major thoroughfares that have recently undergone significant improvements.

The neighborhood boasts an increasing number of local businesses and community spaces, enhancing its appeal.

The influx of young professionals and families looking for affordable living close to the city center is driving up demand for housing. Properties here are often snatched up quickly, offering substantial rental income potential for savvy investors.

St. Johns

St. Johns is located on the northern tip of Portland. It offers a more laid-back feel with its small-town charm and affordable housing options. This neighborhood is perfect for investors who are looking for a slower-paced environment but with all the benefits of urban living.

St. Johns is known for its strong community ties and local pride, evident in its independent shops and the iconic St. Johns Bridge. The area's affordability attracts a steady stream of renters which makes it a solid choice for those looking to invest in rental properties that promise steady rental income.


Eastmoreland is carving out a niche as the upscale corner of Portland, appealing to those with an eye for luxury investments. This neighborhood boasts scenic views and historical sites, complemented by a high-end housing market.

The draw of Eastmoreland lies in its serene environment, coupled with access to some of the best schools and recreational facilities in the region. For investors, this translates to a potential for higher rental income and a steady demand from a more affluent tenant base.

Unlock Your Investment Potential With Real Estate Investing Insights

After exploring Portland's dynamic neighborhoods, it's clear that the city holds diverse opportunities for real estate investing. From the quaint charm of St. Johns to the upscale allure of Eastmoreland, each neighborhood offers unique advantages for investors looking to expand their portfolios.

At Kerr Properties, our deep understanding of local market trends and commitment to excellence in property management make us the perfect partner to help you maximize your investment potential. Ready to see your rental income grow? Contact Kerr Properties today and let us help you find and manage your next great investment.