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Rental Property Management: Who Is Responsible for Repairs?

Rental Property Management: Who Is Responsible for Repairs?

Only 52.4% of Oregon homes use electricity for heating purposes. As a rental property owner, you need to know how your property will stay warm during the color winter months. This crucial utility is one of many features of your rental property that you are responsible for as the landlord.

You could take on all of these repair and maintenance responsibilities yourself. Or you could hire a rental property management team to take care of them for you.

This guide will help you understand what you are responsible for.

Landlord Responsibilities

Oregon landlord law places the bulk of the responsibility on the landlord. They are legally responsible for ensuring the property remains inhabitable.

Furthermore, the landlord must make these property repairs within a specific amount of time. Otherwise, the tenant could withhold rent and claim constructive eviction.

Working with a property manager can ensure you do not unknowingly violate these laws.


The term habitability is used when describing the condition a landlord must keep their rental property. What this means is livable.

The landlord must make plumbing repairs to ensure the tenant has running hot and cold water, safe drinking water, and working plumbing. They need to make electrical and HVAC repairs, so the property has heat, gas, and electricity in safe working order.

The property needs to provide security by having locks on the exterior doors and latches on the windows. It should also have smoke detectors and alarms that are in working order.

Tenant Responsibilities

Oregon landlord law allows property maintenance responsibilities to be built into the lease. The tenant could agree to be responsible for maintenance tasks, specific repairs, and minor remodeling. However, there are some limits to this to prevent the landlord from taking advantage of the tenant.

The agreement needs to be in good faith. The landlord cannot include such requirements to avoid their landlord duties.

The landlord cannot avoid their responsibility to other tenants on the property. This applies to multi-family real estate. The landlord cannot make the tenant responsible for tasks the landlord must do for other tenants.

Finally, the lease must clearly and fairly outline the terms. In addition, there needs to be consideration for the tenant if there are specific tenant responsibilities.

Tenant Caused Damage

Generally, tenants are responsible for repairing the damage they or their family cause. However, depending on the extent of the damage, this may require hiring a professional to do the work. In addition, the landlord may withhold the security deposit if the tenant refuses to pay for these repairs.

Hire Rental Property Management

As a rental property owner, you are responsible for keeping your real estate habitable for the tenant. However, you are free to outline custom terms for some of the maintenance responsibilities.

Many landlords prefer not to have their tenants make repairs or remodel. Instead, they work with a rental property management company. The property manager is responsible for arranging repairs and maintenance for both the tenant and landlord.

Schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable team to discuss your rental property.