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Is Outsourcing Your Tenant Screening Process In Gresham, OR, A Good Idea?

Is Outsourcing Your Tenant Screening Process In Gresham, OR, A Good Idea?

How thoroughly do you research applicants before selecting new renters? About nine in ten landlords have some form of tenant screening process established. If you're skipping this process, you could choose renters who pay late or damage your property.

Unfortunately, doing it yourself can become time-consuming and costly. Instead, outsource to a Gresham, OR property management company.

On the fence about outsourcing this process? Read on to discover why it's a good idea!

Get a Complete Tenant Background Check

As a property owner, you likely have a lot on your plate. You could rush when screening applicants to get to other tasks. Some landlords only focus on an applicant's ability to pay rent.

An experienced property manager will gather more comprehensive reports on your behalf. These reports cover include:

  • Eviction histories
  • Employment verification
  • A tenant background check
  • A tenant credit check
  • Tenant references

Thorough reports will give you a more detailed picture of each applicant. You'll have an easier time choosing renters you can trust with your investment properties.

Relying on these detailed reports can help you avoid future landlord stress. For example, you can choose renters who don't have a history of evictions. Otherwise, you may face the same problems as the tenant's previous landlord.

You can choose renters who have held a job long-term and can pay rent on time. Already, 15% of American households are behind on payments. If a tenant falls behind, you'll lose a source of income.

Avoid Delays

Gathering comprehensive tenant screening reports can take time. If you have multiple applications, it could take days. That's on top of your other landlord responsibilities.

Outsourcing will allow you to avoid delays. After gathering these reports, your property manager can help you choose the best applicant.

With their help, you can fill vacant properties as soon as possible. If you experience delays, you'll lose money as your properties sit vacant.

Save on Tenant Screening Costs

Screening individual applicants can get expensive, especially if you're doing it alone. Choose a property management company that relies on state-of-the-art technology. They can streamline this process, reducing tenant screening costs.

Reduce Liability

Review local, state, and federal tenant-landlord laws before screening applicants. If you're unaware of these regulations, hire a property management company. They'll ensure consistency and compliance.

With their help, you can avoid legal trouble or fines. At the same time, they'll ensure you don't select someone with a criminal record. You and your other tenants will know the area is a safe place to live.

Rely on Professional Tenant Screening

You don't have to complete the time-consuming task of screening rental applicants anymore. Instead, consider outsourcing with professional tenant screening services.

Since 1981, our team at Kerr Properties has explored innovative ideas to pioneer new ways to serve our clients. Rely on our unique approach, personalized services, and leading-edge technology.

We can help you make more money by choosing quality residents who stay longer. Eliminate the constant run around and stress you're experiencing. Contact us today to request our tenant screening services.